What Is a Puppy Contract

Conclude the contract with spaces for signatures and data of the buyer and seller. After signing, have the contract notarized and give the buyer a copy for their own personal records. While a puppy`s contagious kindness is hard to ignore, the best advice is not to sign a document you don`t want to honor – not just because you could be sued, but because it`s the right thing to do. The Buyer undertakes to inform the Seller in the event of a problem or change of situation and will not leave, sell or give the dog in an animal shelter. If seller determines that the dog was sold or delivered without notice from Buyer, Seller will take legal action and Buyer who signed this Agreement will be liable for legal fees incurred. Sketch out the delivery details for the puppy. Many breeders only sell puppies to people who are willing to pick up the puppy in person, and they specify the time and date of pickup in the contract. When the puppy is shipped, provide the full shipping details, including the carrier, arrival date and time, and box number so that the puppy is picked up easily. Most contracts include all contact details, date of birth of the dog, breed and provide a health guarantee. Some health guarantees require you to return the puppy, so look for contracts that offer you a second puppy if the first one is in poor health because you don`t want to give up your pet. There will also likely be provisions on what happens if you are financially unable to care for or abuse the dog. If you only want to download the contract for the breeding or stud service, you can find a free printable template here. Add a section with detailed information about the puppy.

The breed, father and mother of the puppy, registration numbers, colors and any tattoos or distinctive features must be included in the contract. If the puppy has a microchip, indicate the chip manufacturer and chip number in this section to help with recovery in case the dog is lost or stolen. The main difference between the puppy contract and other similar documents is that the seller must disclose information about the puppy to the buyer in a higher level of detail. This means that buyers can make an informed choice about the puppy before welcoming him, as well as the costs and responsibilities involved. This contract can be used by owners of show dogs or new puppies. They make an agreement to share the ownership of a puppy with a breeder. Some breeders would include a puppy information kit – a special personalized kit for a puppy when given to the buyer. This includes not only the relevant documents that accompany the contract, such as health certificates, references and important contacts, but the breeder can also attach brochures with advice for the first owners and product samples. Once a training course has been delivered and completed, include the certification and trainer contacts in the puppy information package. Be thorough in how you run your business. Sit down and talk about your expectations.

So write them together! This is your contract. Do not pay a deposit until both parties have reached an agreement. So how do you find a good contract lawyer for dogs? Most of the contract lawyers I talk to don`t want to have anything to do with DOG CONTRACTS because they deal with dog problems they don`t know. Is there a website or directory of contract lawyers who manage dog contracts for each state? I need a contract lawyer now. I found this « Crazy Breeder ». The one who didn`t give me my dog papers, lied to me and skipped the state without telling me. She has financial problems, mental health problems, and I must legally terminate the contract NOW. Honorable behavior is not a matter of what is legally enforceable – it is what you and another party have agreed. And if the value of your word is honest, then the legal side is irrelevant.

Ultimately, a dog is a trait and no contract can control the actions of a buyer/seller. If you meet the person you want to do business with and their actions are questionable, walk away. On the contrary, sometimes a breeder sells a puppy without even seeing a veterinarian. You must indicate that it is the buyer`s responsibility to provide medical care. No matter who fills out the paperwork, your puppy will need a registered name. .